Overview Hard Way
In A Changing Environment

The Hard Way

  • More layers and chances to fail
  • Difficult to construct
  • More subcontractors
  • Increased completion time
  • Impossible to prefabricate
  • Expensive cladding attachment systems
  • Scaffolding rental costs
  • And more

Increasing energy, fire and moisture code requirements are forcing designers and contractors to rethink the way building are constructed.   Current solutions are comprised of numerous dissimilar materials in complex, multi-layered assemblies that are difficult, time consuming and costly to construct.

ROK-ON™ Is the Solution

The Easy Way

  • Installed faster
  • Finished easier
  • Lower installed cost
  • Architecturally flexible
  • Fully tested
  • Fire and energy code compliant

ROK-ON™ combines fire performance and continuous insulation in an easy-to-install sheathing that can accept direct application of cladding systems, siding, decorative stone and other finishes.

ROK-ON™ is the solution

ROK-ON™ was founded on the principle that state-of-the-art materials can increase building performance while reducing installed costs.

Our goal was to develop products that could exceed the codes, installed at a fraction of the time and at lower cost than traditional assemblies.  ROK-ON™ has been used in various types of projects including hospitals, hotels, manufacturing centers, restaurants, apartments and single-family homes.  In each case, ROK-ON™ has passed the rigorous demands of owners, engineers, architects, contractors and building departments with outstanding performance.

ROK-ON™ has proven constructability and economics on significant projects with some of the largest contractors in North America.





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