• ROK-ON™ Structural Insulated Sheathing
    Better - Faster - Less Expensive
  • ROK-ON™ Structural Insulated Sheathing
    Non-Combustible - Will Not Rot - Mold, Water, and Impact Resistant - Bug-Proof
  • ROK-ON™ Structural Insulated Sheathing
    Fully Tested - Meets North American Building Codes
  • ROK-ON™ Structural Insulated Sheathing
    Non-Combustible - 0 Flame / 0 Smoke Spread - 1 and 2-hour Fire Rated Assemblies
  • ROK-ON™ Structural Insulated Sheathing
    Attaches Directly to Framing - Steel or Wood Framing
  • ROK-ON™ Structural Insulated Sheathing
    Eliminates Thermal Bridging - Meets 2015 IECC Requirements
  • ROK-ON™ Structural Insulated Sheathing
    Architectural Flexibility - Accepts Direct Application of Finishes

The Highest Performing Insulated Sheathing In The Market 

The Single-Step Solution to Code Compliance with Better Performance and More Value 

panel pictureROK-ON™ Structural Insulated Sheathing is a high-performance wall insulation system that is revolutionizing the way structures are built. It is made by bonding our proprietary fiberglass reinforced ceramic cement sheathing (FRCC) to expanded polystyrene foam in a thin structural panel. It is attached directly to framing as the exterior sheathing and finished directly, without the additional layers needed to protect traditional sheathing like OSB or gypsum.  

The unique combination of physical properties of our fiberglass reinforced ceramic cement sheathing (FRCC) substantially increase performance and removes the risk of rot, mold or fire damage. 

FRCC benefits

ROK-ON™can be used in a multitude of new construction and retrofit insulation applications and is simply applied as the exterior sheathing to substantially improve energy efficiency while meeting new energy and fire codes all in a single step. Simply, ROK-ON™ has better performance, is installed quicker, at a lower cost than other code-compliant assemblies for the building envelope.

Most manufacturers' solutions add layers to their existing assembly to meet the codes, increasing the cost of materials, the time for installation, and the cost of labor.  All of these expenses are having to be absorbed into the supply chain with either lower margins or higher costs. ROK-ON™ was designed to reduce these costs with a system that is code compliant, is installed faster, at a price that is among the lowest in the market. 

The result is an building system that has incredible value!  Fewer steps means less labor and subs required for installation and faster completion. It provides significant savings for the building owner and contractor with better overall performance, faster completion, faster occupancy, and reduced costs! 

 Better - Faster - More Value

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