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ROK-ON™ Structural Insulated Sheathing

An innovative structural insulated sheathing system for the building envelope that exceeds code requirements for energy and fire performance. Installation is quick and eliminates many of the steps and complexity required in common code-mandated assemblies.

With its superior performance, ROK-ON™ Structural Insulated Sheathing is installed faster, creating more value for the building owner and contractor.

Better – Faster – More Value

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Structural Insulated Sheathing
ROK-ON™ Rainscreen System (patent pending)

The ROK-ON™ Rainscreen system is ideal for moisture management in the exterior envelope. The foundation is our ROK-ON™ Structural Insulated Sheathing.

With an air/water barrier applied, a drainage plane is easily accomplished by incorporating 3” battens of our fiberglass reinforced ceramic cement board (FRCC).

The battens allow cladding attachment with thermally broken fasteners and are easily added to the ROK-ON™ system during installation.

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With More Value

Value is more than just a lower installed cost. Faster occupancy, energy savings, less long-term maintenance and improved life safety are just some of the benefits from using ROK-ON™.  It’s a revolutionary approach to building enclosures.

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A revolutionary approach to building enclosures.

ROK-ON™ exceeds new code mandates for fire, energy and moisture management

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